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Projects at the Riyadh office

Hi again! As promised I will give you an overview of some of the bigger projects we have had at the Riyadh office since I arrived in September. My experience is probably slighly different to Ida’s, Peter’s, Joakim’s and the other current trainees as we have close to 50 offices around the world, all varying in size and type of projects. I am sure they will write more about what they do, but our global span is what makes Business Sweden such an exciting workplace. Team Sweden delegations A large chunk of the fall has been spent working on delegations. Together with the Swedish Embassy …

Linnéa Strand

Ça va? al-Hamdu Lillah!

Languages. You seldom realise the importance and value of being able to communicate and understand your surroundings until you are in a sharp situation where you understand nothing at all. Casablanca, and our office here covering the entire North and West Africa, is the perfect place to be to practice your languages. The situations I have been put in here have definitely allowed me to challenge myself communication-wise and force myself out of my comfort zone. Ranging from trivial and daily matters such as arriving to the office and trying to small talk with the janitor in the elevator with …

André Hedberg

A Multifaceted China

The first week of October was a national holiday to celebrate the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to official news reports, 50% of the population were on the move, which is about one tenth of the world population, so you can imagine that airports, train stations and tourist attractions were extremely crowded. On my quest to become a real Chinese consumer, I had to experience this and decided to travel across the country by flight, train and car to visit my grandmother in Guangdong. It was crowded but I managed to survive!  Great scenery surrounding the village where …

Anna Zhan

CWE hub kick-off in Berlin

  A little more than a week ago we flew to Germany to meet with our colleagues at the Berlin office. The meeting was one component in a large strategic initiative spanning across region Europe underpinned by a new strategy for the whole corporation. The new strategy will allow Business Sweden to make an even larger impact for clients as a world class organisation. The principal reason why we had the meeting in Berlin was to kick off the new Central Western European (CWE) hub consisting of four offices: The Hague, Brussels, Zurich and Berlin. During the two days that …

Joakim Lundström

Seven weeks and counting… What have I been up to?

Hello again, dear reader, my friend, current colleague and/or future colleague. It’s time for me to provide you with a recap of what’s been going on these past seven weeks. If you click the blue “The Walk to Work”-link below you can follow my daily walk to work. It was recorded on a Sunday, otherwise a stop at RICKARDO’S Coffee Shop would have been a must. Below the link is a picture of a happy guy in an elevator. The Walk to Work I feel that time is currently moving at a swift speed. I’m involved in many different types of projects at the same …

Tao Hemberg Jankel

Bonjour from Casablanca

  Hello there,   My name is André and it is finally time for me to tell you a bit more about my first two months at Business Sweden. As you may know, my first placement is our office in Casablanca, Morocco, responsible for all operations in Maghreb and West Africa.   Unlike the rest of my fellow trainee-colleagues, I did not catch the first flight available after the intro week, but instead I stayed in Stockholm during three additional weeks to assist the preparations for the Middle East & Africa Summit 2017. The MEA Summit is a conference that Business Sweden organises bi-annually …

André Hedberg

London Calling!

Hi there,   Most of you have probably already been to London or at least seen the movie Notting Hill enough times to understand that this is a wonderful city to live in. In my opinion, it is the city’s influential history combined with its modern multicultural society and London as a hotpot of the world, that makes it exciting and inspiring to be here.   Four weeks ago, I touched down on British soil at Heathrow, had a brief chat with Howlin’ Pelle from The Hives at the taxi pick-up parking, and went straight to meet my new flat …

Henning Säll

As Salaam Alaikum from Riyadh

Hi everyone, my name is Linnéa. I have now spent a month at the Riyadh office and I thought I’d give you a brief update. The office here is located at the Swedish Embassy and I live on the premises. We are a small team of four people, but we also have an additional person located in Amman, Jordan. I feel very lucky to have gotten such an exciting placement as Saudi Arabia. It is Sweden’s biggest export country in the region and with the launch of Vision 2030 last year, the country is on a course to create a more diverse and knowledge based economy. …

Linnéa Strand

Can Lah!

Greetings from Singapore! My name is Ida, I am one on the new trainees for this year and I have officially survived my first month at Business Sweden Singapore office! It has been the longest and shortest month of my life so far. It has been filled with countless of new experiences and it feels like I have managed to squeeze in a lifetime during this time. At the same time, it feels like I arrived yesterday and time flies way too fast. Anyhow, starting from the beginning, when I landed in Singapore my wonderful coach had already arranged all …

Ida Stjernström

The city of sunshine, delicious food and mixed cultures

Hello there dear reader; my friend, current colleague and/or future colleague. Welcome to yet another Trainee Blog. My name is Tao and I am currently practicing the first part of my Trainee Program at the Business Sweden office in Australia. The office, which is situated in Sydney, is responsible for the markets of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. When making my way by plane to Sydney, I asked to pass by Tokyo in order to visit an old friend, and hence the amazing picture of Mount Fuji in the far distance, from when I departed for Sydney from …

Tao Hemberg Jankel