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Linnéa Strand

Linnéa is 26 years old and from Stockholm. She has a Ba in International Politics from King’s College London and a MSc in Political Science from Uppsala University. Before starting at Business Sweden she spent a year and a half working at the Middle East and North Africa department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Her interests include foreign policy, horseback riding, reading and traveling. Linnéa will spend the entire year with the Talent Accelerator program in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. If you have any questions, feel free to contact her at


Ma’a salama!

Hi from Stockholm everyone, I have missed my hometown so much. I was here just two weeks ago for my summer vacation, but I still spent the entire car ride from Arlanda on Friday night with my head out the window enjoying the fresh air. Life in Saudi is still really rewarding though, even with the sandstorms and +40 degree weather. I know it is getting old, but I like it so much that I will be staying around. More about that in a little while. As for my summer vacation, it was fantastic. I spent three weeks in Sweden …


At home in Saudi

Hi everyone, Three months have flown by since I last wrote. As I mentioned last, I have had the chance to stay on in Saudi and I love every minute of my experience here. Whenever I land in Riyadh the passport officer says something around the lines of “welcome home to your second home”. Not only is it very welcoming, but it resonates; I really feel like this has become my home. As the others have already written, we had our second trainee week in Stockholm in February. It was really great meeting everyone again. Although we stay in touch, mostly over Snapchat, it is …


Staying put

Almost Christmas! For most trainees things are probably winding down and people are starting to plan for moving to their second market. For me things are a bit different. I sold my first own consultancy project this week and as for planning ahead, my only plan involves coordinating the arrival of some new furniture to my flat. Because yes, I am staying in Riyadh! Furniture hunting at IKEA I am very excited about the new project; it involves helping a Swedish company establish a public-private partnership in Palestine. Not only is it my very first own consultancy project, but it …


Projects at the Riyadh office

Hi again! As promised I will give you an overview of some of the bigger projects we have had at the Riyadh office since I arrived in September. My experience is probably slighly different to Ida’s, Peter’s, Joakim’s and the other current trainees as we have close to 50 offices around the world, all varying in size and type of projects. I am sure they will write more about what they do, but our global span is what makes Business Sweden such an exciting workplace. Team Sweden delegations A large chunk of the fall has been spent working on delegations. Together with the Swedish Embassy …


As Salaam Alaikum from Riyadh

Hi everyone, my name is Linnéa. I have now spent a month at the Riyadh office and I thought I’d give you a brief update. The office here is located at the Swedish Embassy and I live on the premises. We are a small team of four people, but we also have an additional person located in Amman, Jordan. I feel very lucky to have gotten such an exciting placement as Saudi Arabia. It is Sweden’s biggest export country in the region and with the launch of Vision 2030 last year, the country is on a course to create a more diverse and knowledge based economy. …