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Ida Stjernström

Ida is an avid traveler with roots from the very northern part of Sweden, Kiruna, but has always possessed a strong desire to have the world as her working place. She holds a Master of Science in International Business and Economics from Umeå School of Business & Economics, her main focus has been within Global Business Strategy and Financial Management. Ida will be spending her first rotation at Business Sweden in Singapore and then move on to the London Office. She is experienced in B2B sales and relationships mainly from the hotel and travel industry. Her spare time is dedicated to friends and family as well as continuously self-development through holistic health practices. With a track record of three ascended mountain peaks, Ida also loves spending time on high altitude ground and be close to nature. If you have any questions, feel free to contact her at


Work, Travel, Eat, Repeat

Hola! I just came back to London from a week in the south of Spain. I travelled around by car in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the coast from Almería to Málaga. It was a well-needed dose of sun after a couple of rainy weeks in London. But it is nice to be back in the office after colossal amounts of tapas and a burning nose due to the lack of sunscreen (horrible vacation conditions). Anyhow, I thought I might tell you about a project I was working on before going on holiday. About three weeks ago, we hosted the …


London Calling 2.0!

Entering the my second market, England, I will have a tough time living up to Henning’s legacy.. all jokes aside I am thrilled to be in London, we have a fantastic team working here that have welcomed me with open arms. I am already involved in some really fun projects and will have the first client kick-off in Sweden later this week. Primarily, I will be working on projects within Healthcare, Energy and ICT. Somewhat different type of projects from what I was working on in Singapore, it will be a great opportunity for me to continue my learning. Moving into …


Winter is coming

One month before changing desk and continent! Singapore is coming to an end and most of the projects I have been working with during the autumn have now been closed. When I joined the office in September last year my manager and mentor had put together a project plan for my time in Singapore. Together, we formulated a number of goals to achieve during the six months I would spend in the Singapore office. Looking back at the time I have spent here now, I am very grateful for the Singapore team and how they all have been very keen …


Singapore still going strong!

*Warning for long blogpost* December already? It is crazy how time flies when you are having fun. Unfortunately I have zero Christmas feeling this year though, my birthday is first of December and usually the first snows falls around that date in Umeå. I’m used to a cold, dark and snowy month with Christmas lightening and way to much sweets and Swedish fika. Here, they started decorating all the shopping malls on October 31st and Christmas songs are played everywhere ever since. Still, as the swede I am, I cannot get that real Christmas feeling without snow! So, I won’t …


Can Lah!

Greetings from Singapore! My name is Ida, I am one on the new trainees for this year and I have officially survived my first month at Business Sweden Singapore office! It has been the longest and shortest month of my life so far. It has been filled with countless of new experiences and it feels like I have managed to squeeze in a lifetime during this time. At the same time, it feels like I arrived yesterday and time flies way too fast. Anyhow, starting from the beginning, when I landed in Singapore my wonderful coach had already arranged all …