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Henning Säll

Henning is a 28 year old born and raised in the entrepreneurial county of Småland. He has a background in Industrial Engineering and Management at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. During an exchange semester to Hong Kong he realised the world is his oyster and could not resist the thought of an international career. Besides traveling and meeting with new people he is very much of an outdoorsman that loves a good adventure in nature, preferably whilst running, sailing or skiing. Henning joins Business Sweden in London for his first six months and then heads out to Beijing for his second rotation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him at


China – The Country Filling Up the SWOT

Four months in China and a couple of visa runs to South Korea and Sweden have passed by. And it’s been great! Spare time has been filled up with travels to several provinces in China as well as day trips in and around Beijing. Also work has been exciting and developing. Swedish companies entering China face a whole other level of challenge than when entering a European market like the UK where I spent my first rotation. On the other hand, the size and opportunities of this market is limitless. What is limited is my mandarin skills. Hence, work tasks have been more directed towards sales …


Ending on a High Note in the UK

Hello there! Now that it’s only two days left of my first placement the melancholy from leaving London is getting to me. I have really enjoyed my time here, much thanks to a great team at the office, but also from just living and having fun in London. In all this, I also feel excited about soon moving on to my next market Beijing and China. I will now enjoy the last bit of London and gradually let the future adventures soak me up. Lately I have been working closely with a Swedish Edtech company in helping them conduct a …


Insights from the Inside

The projects that I have been working on here in the British market are all coming to an end. I am excited about being in the more analytical final phase of the projects where conclusions are being drawn and insightful recommendations are ought to be presented to clients. It is a rather thrilling feeling knowing that the findings from the research that I have been conducting might lead to successful establishments of Swedish companies here in the UK. Although, we do not leave our clients hanging after an initial market check, we help them also in succeeding phases of the …


London Calling!

Hi there,   Most of you have probably already been to London or at least seen the movie Notting Hill enough times to understand that this is a wonderful city to live in. In my opinion, it is the city’s influential history combined with its modern multicultural society and London as a hotpot of the world, that makes it exciting and inspiring to be here.   Four weeks ago, I touched down on British soil at Heathrow, had a brief chat with Howlin’ Pelle from The Hives at the taxi pick-up parking, and went straight to meet my new flat …