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Anna Zhan

Anna graduated from the Master in Accounting and Financial Management at Stockholm School of Economics. Apart from numbers, she has a special interest in sustainability and international affairs, which led her to study at SciencesPo in Paris. Growing up in the multicultural city of Malmö with Chinese parents, she became very interested in languages from an early age. In addition to her mother tongues Swedish and Mandarin, she speaks English, Spanish and French (besides, accounting is considered to be the language of businesses). She is excited to bring her international background and previous experience from banking and consulting to Business Sweden, where she believes she will be able to make an impact. As a curious and enthusiastic person, Anna enjoys discovering museums in Paris as well as making friends from all over the world. She is very excited about starting her trainee-year in Beijing to learn more about her Chinese roots and experience the world-leading economic growth from the inside. She is also looking forward to improving her salsa skills in Mexico City, another rapidly growing economy with a vibrant culture. Don’t hesitate to contact Anna on if you have any questions!


Beijing – the Silicon Valley of Asia

A bold statement to make? I wouldn’t think so – now that I’ve had the opportunity and time to deep-dive into the local business community and get in touch with the start-up/tech world on Beijing. It’s huge, flourishing and fast-paced! No matter what you associated the capital of China with before (the Forbidden City, the Tiananmen Square or the Great Wall, maybe?), I’m here to tell you that from now on, you should think of it as the capital of the world’s largest consumer market with tremendous opportunities and where things are moving fast. Here we have small and fast-growing …


The start of a dog year

Hey! Hope you are doing well! I have managed to kick-start the New Year twice now, first the New Year on the 1st of January which I celebrated in Hong Kong and then the Chinese New Year on the 16th February which I celebrated with my family in Malmö – so now I’m more than ready for what 2018 and the Year of the Dog will bring! At the start of this trainee program, it felt like six months at each market was a long time. But now that the first six-month period has flown past, I realize that time …


Continuing the work on CSR and sustainability

Hope you are all well and getting into the Christmas spirit already. Beijing has definitely done so temperature wise, it is around zero degrees Celsius these days but it feels even colder than that. Winter time is usually the worst when it comes to pollution, but I have not felt very affected (yet). I thought that I would be wearing a mask every day but so far it has only been two-three days a month that the air quality index app has shown red numbers, which is not too bad compared to previous years. As China is stepping up its …


A Multifaceted China

The first week of October was a national holiday to celebrate the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to official news reports, 50% of the population were on the move, which is about one tenth of the world population, so you can imagine that airports, train stations and tourist attractions were extremely crowded. On my quest to become a real Chinese consumer, I had to experience this and decided to travel across the country by flight, train and car to visit my grandmother in Guangdong. It was crowded but I managed to survive!  Great scenery surrounding the village where …


(Re)learning how to live a digital life

Hey there, I am very happy to finally share my experience with you all! After a long summer of vacation, we kicked off the traineeship with an intense week at HQ in Stockholm where we met senior management and learned about the company. We also had associate skills training, this year together with colleagues from our offices in the United States, Chile, Vietnam, Japan, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Austria… Being a Swedish organization, it doesn’t get more diverse and international than this, does it? It was also a pleasure to get to know my fellow trainees – what a great team! I am sure this group …