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André Hedberg

André is 24 years old and originally from Västerås. He has completed a Dual Degree MSc in International Development and Business & Management at Sciences Po in Paris and at Stockholm School of Economics. His strong area of interest is the intersection between sustainability, development & responsibility on the one hand side and business, management & strategy on the other. He likes to read books, travel and experience new things. He is also a passionate sports-nerd that loves to do sports on a daily basis, mostly by long distance running. André will start his journey with Business Sweden at the office in Casablanca in Morocco and after six months continue to his second placement at the office in The Hague in the Netherlands. If you have any questions, don't hesitate a second to contact him at


15 724 800 seconds later…

Hey again,   Long time no seen! Or 182 days to be exact, since my last post!   I must be honest and admit that the frequency of my posts hasn’t been the greatest lately. Last time I wrote, I was in Stockholm during the trainee homecoming week and in preparation for my departure to my second rotation and placement in The Hague and our office covering the Benelux region. Right now, as I’m writing this post, I’m awaiting to board my flight for a new destination and my next placement. Not surprisingly, a lot has happened during the past …


Half-time in Winter Land

Cold greetings from Stockholm!   I have now left my first placement and Business Sweden’s office Casablanca. Returning to a snowy Sweden, and a cold and dark Stockholm, after having spent the majority of my days in significantly warmer degrees was to say the least a special feeling. One thing however, that I am very grateful for (and that compensates for the weather) is that I now have had the time to meet with friends and family for the first time since last summer. Furthermore, wind and colder weather is probably something I should be expecting in The Hague when arriving there next week, so maybe I should get used to gloves and winter jacket. …


Bonne Année et Bonne Santé! Insha’Allah!

Hey everyone and Bonne Année!   Here comes a quick holiday update from Casablanca on the last day of the year.   Time moves fast and exactly a year ago, I was preparing for my last exam period at Stockholm School of Economics and up-coming MSc thesis to be written later during that spring. I was still only focusing on school and I had no concrete plans on what to do after my graduation in the summer. Despite the fact that many of my friends had been applying for jobs for months already I was still surprisingly “relaxed” in that I could apply for jobs later. Ironically, this mentality …


Ça va? al-Hamdu Lillah!

Languages. You seldom realise the importance and value of being able to communicate and understand your surroundings until you are in a sharp situation where you understand nothing at all. Casablanca, and our office here covering the entire North and West Africa, is the perfect place to be to practice your languages. The situations I have been put in here have definitely allowed me to challenge myself communication-wise and force myself out of my comfort zone. Ranging from trivial and daily matters such as arriving to the office and trying to small talk with the janitor in the elevator with …


Bonjour from Casablanca

  Hello there,   My name is André and it is finally time for me to tell you a bit more about my first two months at Business Sweden. As you may know, my first placement is our office in Casablanca, Morocco, responsible for all operations in Maghreb and West Africa.   Unlike the rest of my fellow trainee-colleagues, I did not catch the first flight available after the intro week, but instead I stayed in Stockholm during three additional weeks to assist the preparations for the Middle East & Africa Summit 2017. The MEA Summit is a conference that Business Sweden organises bi-annually …