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China – The Country Filling Up the SWOT

Four months in China and a couple of visa runs to South Korea and Sweden have passed by. And it’s been great! Spare time has been filled up with travels to several provinces in China as well as day trips in and around Beijing. Also work has been exciting and developing. Swedish companies entering China face a whole other level of challenge than when entering a European market like the UK where I spent my first rotation. On the other hand, the size and opportunities of this market is limitless.

What is limited is my mandarin skills. Hence, work tasks have been more directed towards sales and internal projects. Most valuable information for companies can only be accessed by being able to speak and read mandarin, so we are lucky to have great colleagues that are local. I have engaged in developing several interesting proposals and right now I am leading a research project in which we map Sweden’s 100 largest international companies’ regional revenues across the globe. This revenue mapping will hopefully lead to some valuable insights for us when we drive the agenda on challenges and opportunities to help develop Swedish businesses internationally.

In another project with my fellow trainee Tao, we are interviewing key stakeholders in bidding processes of large scale international projects. This to better understand what the essentials are to be successful in those bidding processes.

By the way, Business Sweden have started a podcast (in Swedish), check it out here. In the latest episode our APAC regional manager gives you some interesting insights about Swedish business in China.

Travelling China though… here some sweet photos.

Li River, Guangxi province

2018-06-09 10.45.01

2018-06-09 12.21.12

2018-04-08 18.23.11

Fellow trainee Anna and I out hiking in Fragrant Hills north west of Beijing

2018-03-26 13.53.37-1

Guomao business district in Beijing

2018-04-01 12.58.28

Smoggy days in Beijing means face mask on

2018-06-02 13.00.26

Tiananmen Square

2018-06-02 13.37.08

Forbidden city

2018-03-02 08.43.18

Business Sweden’s brilliant Beijing team

2018-05-16 16.06.37

The view from Business Sweden’s Shanghai office – probably the coolest view in the world


See you later! /Henning

Henning Säll