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London Calling 2.0!

Entering the my second market, England, I will have a tough time living up to Henning’s legacy.. all jokes aside I am thrilled to be in London, we have a fantastic team working here that have welcomed me with open arms. I am already involved in some really fun projects and will have the first client kick-off in Sweden later this week. Primarily, I will be working on projects within Healthcare, Energy and ICT. Somewhat different type of projects from what I was working on in Singapore, it will be a great opportunity for me to continue my learning.

Moving into my new home 5th of March and I am really looking forward. I will live walking distance from the office, which is a luxury I have been missing since I lived in Sweden. I have to admit to poor city exploring skills, thus far in London I have basically only seen the office, my current accommodation and the inside of multiple rooms in shared flats while looking for a new home. For some unpredictable reason (read former trainee Edward Lindquist) also an ice hockey rink way, way outside of the city. But I intend to increase the number of visited sites within the nearest future so I can get to know my new city a bit more. Still, thus far I really like London and believe I will have a great time here (when the weather improves). It is a city full of opportunities and it will be fun to also be close to home for a change. So my next actions to become a real Londoner is to get myself a football team, locate my nearest corner pub and use up all my roaming on Citymapper.

Due to my lack of London adventure since arrival, I will share some photos from my final week in Singapore and the trainee week in Stockholm.


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Ida Stjernström